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2022 China Home Textile Trend


“China Home Textile Association, The Department of Home Textile Trend Research and Promotion” and “Concept & Style Fashion Project Group Italy” in-charge of the concept, design and set-up of the trend area, and will share the 2022 home textile trend to public during Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles – Autumn Edition 2021, 25~27 August 2021.

They shared their knowledge, inspirations and exchanged their visions of trend evolutions considering consumer demand, retail expertise and contract market or new technologies. Four themes have been developed to express this spirit in 2022 China home textile trend, which are: “Gypsum”, “Connected”, “Lush” and “Bloomcore”.

In order to boost the growth of the China Home textile market, China Home Textile Association would like to invite exhibitors to submitted their exhibits and display in the trend area which is an outstanding display area to present your products to buyers, extend the exposure beyond your booth. It is definitely an additional promotion opportunity you won’t want to miss!


Four themes will be demonstrated and discussed throughout the three-day fair in a series of events, while exhibitors’ products that resonate with the themes will be displayed at display area. Trend conference will also take place, allowing show attendants to learn and discuss with designers and trend experts about the lifestyle trends.


Theme 1 (5)

Earthy and ethereal: Gypsum embodies the timeless beauty of the natural forms while offering a fresh perspective on design.

Focusing on textures, the play of lights and shadows creates mesmerizing motifs. Sinuous lines become hypnotic desert dunes, plissé materials turn into fascinating canyon gorges and sculpted waterfalls. Matter seems moved by an invisible breeze that moulds it into fantastic shapes, pleasing to the eye as to the touch.

Movement is the protagonist, with its ascensional currents and floating veils. The sublime meets the terrene, where the use of organic materials and natural fibers accentuates this dichotomy, harking back to the natural world. Dusty, sandy, ivory, birch, limestone, sandstone, and marble-white colours add elegance and create serenity, a sense of freedom..

Theme 2 (7)

The fabric of our society is made of human connections, and nowadays feeling connected is more critical than ever. In a year where mankind rediscovered the meaning of isolation, future design should help people reconnect with each other.

The importance of bonding is represented by futuristic silhouettes: interlaced shapes, playful symmetries, entwined lines like a network. It is the revival of the geometric simplicity and abstraction of Blobitecture and futurist art, while the colour palette weaves together De Stijl, City Pop's neon colours and metallic hues. Today's design innovation sees tech at the forefront.

Technology helps us overcome geographical boundaries and frontiers, and provides us with new techniques like laser cutting, thermoshaping, and 3D-printing. Harmony is found in the union of new machine-made materials and human genius and creativity. In the end, design can connect us all.

Theme 3 (5)

Exoticism has always fascinated men with ideas and styles from distant lands.

Lush takes us to the heart of a sumptuous mystical rainforest populated by colourful eccentric patterns and textures. With maxi prints of abundant luxuriant foliage, space seems to expand as men find themselves immersed in a micro forest of their own. What catches the eye is the contrast between the dominant verdant hues and the complementary bright colours which gives a sense of opulence, glamourous extravaganza.

This trend is characterized by an abundance of exotic elements, from overgrown jungle-inspired prints to more enigmatic, bold motifs. It is vibrant, alive, yet relaxing. Lush creates a profuse and delightful pluvial world we would like to live in and explore.

Theme 4 (5)

Bloomcore celebrates the renaissance, the astounding power of nature reborn after the storm, the ravishing marvel of flowers reblossoming after each winter. It is an inspiration for men to rise again after each fall.

Bloomcore represents beauty through art and nature, in a display of highly refined taste. Its aesthetic is inspired by a romanticized interpretation of European cottage gardens, picturesque landscapes and blooming greenery, similarly to the cottagecore trend. However, rather than embracing the simplicity of countryside living, it turns towards a more luxurious lifestyle. This trend aims at stupefying with its richly-detailed botanic motifs that seem to be popped out of a bucolic painting from another epoch.

Delicate hand-embroidered flowers, 3D appliqué petals, golden threads, and meticulous attention to detail are only a few of the elements that capture the true elegance and lavishness of the theme.Soft velvets, flourishing jacquards, embroidered cottons, flamboyant silks are some of the most iconic fabrics that best embody such sumptuosity. It is the astonishing triumph of nature translated into design.

2022 China Home Textile Trend Guide

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